House Rules

  1. Colorado law and the Southern Ute Class III Gaming Code Prohibit persons under the age of 21 from wagering, collecting winning wagers, or loitering in or about the sports book area.
  2. Sports wagers may be funded with cash, cash equivalent, credit or debit card, promotional funds, sports betting vouchers (parlay), value gaming chips and any other means approved by the Southern Ute Division of Gaming. Transfer of funds between accounts or depositing of funds in an account other than your own is prohibited.
  3. Patrons are required to be physically located in the state of Colorado to make a wager. Wagers made from a location outside the state boundaries are prohibited.
  4. By participating in wagering activities, the patron agrees to Sky Ute Casino Resort’s House Rules.
  5. Management reserves the right to refuse or limit any wager.
  6. Wagers will not be accepted for or on the behalf of another person or entity.
  7. Odds and propositions are subject to change. Odds and proposition changes will be posted on the odds boards or available at the ticket counter.
  8. The use of two-way electronic communication devices, to include cell phones, is prohibited while making a wager at the counter.
  9. Management reserves the right to modify these house rules subject to the approval of the Southern Ute Division of Gaming.
  10. Management is not responsible for lost, stolen, altered, or unreadable tickets. For all lost or stolen tickets, once the rightful owner has been determined, payment will be made as soon as possible.
  11. Tickets go as written. It is the patron’s responsibility to check the accuracy on all written tickets and make sure there are no errors. Once a wager is accepted, tickets will not be altered or voided for any reason. The operation, at its sole discretion, may permit a wager to be voided for “obvious error” after it is placed.
  12. It is the patron’s responsibility to check the wager for accuracy before confirming an electronic wager. Wagers cannot be altered or disputed after the wager is placed. The wager is only considered valid if the server acknowledges the electronic transmission and a confirmation is sent. The operation, at its sole discretion, may permit a wager to be voided for “obvious error” after it is placed.
  13. Obvious errors, as a result of technical problems or human error and as determined by Sky Ute and verified by the Southern Ute Division of Gaming shall be void or cancelled. This includes odds that are materially different from the market number; or clearly incorrect.
  14. Minimum and maximum limits for all wagers on all events, will be set by management. Limits are subject to change.
  15. Wagers will not be accepted at other than the current posted terms.
  16. Payouts over $10,000 may be delayed until the next regular banking day.
  17. Winning tickets are void 365 days from the conclusion of the sports event.
  18. Winning tickets may be redeemed by mail. See the reverse side of the wagering ticket for instructions and address. If a self-addressed envelope and proper postage are not provided, a processing fee maybe be assessed.
  19. Corrections to scores or results will only be recognized up to one hour after the conclusion of the event. For wagering purposes, the score or result becomes “official” and cannot be changed after one hour. Management does not recognize protests or overturned decisions.
  20. The Sky Ute Casino Resort Sports Book customer service can be contacted for setting self-imposed betting limitations, setting self-imposed deposit limitations, account information updates, password issues, account closures or reactivations, or any other sports book related issues at:


    P.O. Box 340

    Ignacio, Colorado


  21. In the event of a dispute that cannot be resolved to the satisfaction of a patron, the patron can appeal the decision to the Southern Ute Division of Gaming.
  22. Coaches, athletic trainers, officials, players, or any other individuals that participate in or have direct involvement in an authorized sporting event on which wagers are accepted, as well as any agent or proxy for another individual, are prohibited from wagering in the state of Colorado.
  23. In the event that the sports betting system is unable to process a wager, the wager will be verified and paid manually. This process will be done as quickly as the sports bet operator determines is necessary to properly vet a wager. Wagers that are calculated in this manner are still subject to all the conditions and limitations that a wager that is verified by the sports betting system is subject too. In the event of circumstances that prevent a bet from being paid in person or at that moment, winning wagers will be paid by check and delivered by mail
  1. Point Spread: point(s) either added to or subtracted from the actual game score for wagering purposes.
  2. Money Line: odds that calculate the amount a wager will pay based on $100 increments. Negative money lines show the amount to wager to win $100. Positive money lines show the amount paid for every $100 wagered.
  3. Total (over/under): a wager over or under the total points scored in a game. Calculated by adding both teams
    final scores together.
  4. Straight Wager: a wager made on a single team, total or proposition.
  5. Parlay Wager: a wager coupling two or more teams, totals or propositions.
  6. Teaser Wager: a wager coupling two or more teams, totals or propositions that allow the patron to modify the point spread or total by an established value.
  7. Off the Board: wagers using bet index (bi) numbers and odds posted on odds boards and sheets.
  8. Push: a wager, that when the point spread is applied, results in a tie score.
  9. Official: a wagering event is considered authorized for a result to be determined. If an event is unable to be deemed official for wagering as defined in the rules, wagers will be refunded.
  10. No Action: a wager that is disregarded due to a push or other event defined in the rules.
  11. Canceled Wager: a wager that is canceled due to an obvious error, prohibited participants or prohibited activities.
  12. Obvious Error: errors made that are obvious in nature to include, but not limited to, misspelling or typos of names, places, times or dates.
  13. In Game: in game wagers are placed after the start of a game or other defined period and are determined by the final score of the period specified regardless of when the wager is placed.
  14. Asian Handicap: the Asian handicap is a form of betting on soccer in which teams are handicapped according to their form, so that a stronger team must win by more goals for an individual betting on them to win. Example:“team a” is -½ & -1, while “team b” is +½ & +1. If you are placing a wager on “team a” in an Asian handicap, you are placing half of your wager on “team a” at –½ and half on “team a” at -1. If they win
    by exactly one, you would win your –½ half wager and push on your -1-half wager. If you placed the wager on “team b” and they lost by 1, you would push on the +1 and lose the +½.The Asian handicap can be expressed as either two numbers split (-½ & -1) or as a quarter number. In the above example it would be “team a” -.75

    The following is the two display versions of the Asian handicap:

    -.25=(pick & -½)
    -.25=(pick & -½)
    +25=(+½ & pick)
    -.75=(-½ & -1)
    +.75=(+½ & +1)
    -1.25=(-1 & -1 ½)
    +1.25=(+1 & +1 ½)

    Any time that there is a quarter number or two numbers, the wager is split.

  1. All baseball, basketball, and hockey games must be played on the date specified for “action” unless noted otherwise.
  2. All other events including football must be played within one (1) week of scheduled date for “action” unless noted otherwise.
  3. A change in the event site makes all wagers prior to the change “no action” unless noted otherwise.
  4. For full game wagers (not including baseball), games that are suspended, postponed, or cancelled prior to their timed conclusion must have the following amount of game time completed to be “official”: 
  • 35 minutes of college basketball play
  • 43 minutes of professional basketball play
  • 55 minutes of college & pro football play
  • 55 minutes of pro hockey play
  1. For all other timed sports, game must have 5 minutes or less remaining of scheduled play to be “official” unless noted otherwise.
  2. Wagers on games that have not met the game length requirement at the time of suspension, postponement, or cancellation and do not resume play on the scheduled date are “no action” and are refunded.
  1. When wagering on a quarter or a half, the quarter or half must be completed to be “official” for wagering.
  2. When wagering on total scores, overtime periods are counted in the final score (excluding soccer).
  3. For halftime wagers, overtime periods are included as part of the second half.
  4. Fourth quarter wagers do not include overtime unless noted otherwise.
  5. If a hockey or soccer game is decided by a shootout, the winning team receives one additional goal for wagering purposes.
  1. Straight wagers that result in a push, based on the wagered point spread, will be considered “no action” and the wager will be refunded.
  2. “off the board” parlay wagers of two teams which include one winner & one push will be reduced to a straight wager. Parlay wagers with 3 or more teams, totals, or propositions that include a push will be reduced to the next lowest number of teams and the push is treated as “no action”.
  3. “off the board” teaser wagers that include a push will be reduced to the next lowest number of teams. A two-team teaser with a push will be considered “no action” (except 10 point teasers which are ties lose) and wager will be refunded.
  1. All “off the board” parlays are calculated using money line decimal conversions. No pay chart.
  2. “off the board” parlays maximum payout odds are 850-1.
  3. “off the board” teaser odds refer to pay charts. Pay charts are available at the counter.
  4. Cross sports “off the board” teaser payouts will revert to the lowest teaser pay chart.
  5. “off the board” 10 point teasers – all teams must win, ties lose.
  6. Parlay card rules are available on the reverse side of the card.
  1. For wagers to win events such as conference or league championships, pennants, tournaments, etc., odds on these events may not be displayed on odds boards but are available at counter.
  2. Odds may change without notice.
  3. Payouts are determined by the odds posted in the computer system at the time the wager is made.
  4. Future wagers are considered “action” if a winner is determined for the specified event. If the specified event is cancelled wagers will be refunded.
  1. Unless otherwise noted, all baseball wagers — pro, college and softball — are “Action” wagers.
    • Action – This is a team versus team wager. Wager has action at confirmed price regardless of either starting pitcher.
    • This includes sides, totals, run line, first five and inning by inning props for both pre-market (before game begins) and in-game wagering (after game begins).
  2. For all full game wagers, including money line, game total and run line wagers, games become official after eight and one-half innings if the home team is leading or nine innings if the visiting team is leading.
    • The game must complete and there must be a winner declared within 36 hours of the scheduled start time, regardless of venue, for all full game bets to be settled.
    • In the event that the game is still considered ‘suspended’ by MLB 36 hours past the scheduled start time, then all bets on the full game will be refunded.
    • An extra inning game that is suspended prior to its conclusion and is not completed within 36 hours will have all full-game wagers including money line, totals and run-lines refunded (we do not revert back to last full inning).
    • All playoff bets are considered action for 30 days after the scheduled start time
  3. Examples:
    • Game is called complete by MLB after 8 complete innings with the home team leading 9-0. All full game bets are refunded.
    • Road team is leading 7-4 in the middle of the 11th inning. Game is suspended until later in the season by MLB. All full games bets are refunded.
    • Game is suspended in the 8th inning but resumes and completes the next day. All bets are settled on the official final score after the game is completed.
    • Game is rained out on the scheduled day but is played as a double header the next day. All bets are action as long as the game completes within 36 hours of the originally scheduled starting time.
    • Game is rained out and re-scheduled for later in the season. All bets are refunded
  4. For all first five inning wagers, games become official after five full innings. If the home team is leading after four and one-half innings and does not come to bat in the bottom of the fifth, wagers will be refunded
  5. For inning by inning wager the frame must be completed for action regardless of how long the game goes. Example: if the game was postponed in the top of the third inning, the completed first and second innings would be official. (Each completed inning is deemed official at the completion of that frame).
  6. Treatment for double header games
    • Game 1 will always be the 1st game played on a day, and Game 2 will be the 2nd game. In the event only 1 game concludes within the 36-hour action window, the concluding game will always be considered to be Game 1, and all bets on Game 2 will be refunded. Any bets on Game 2 will only have action if 2 games are played by the same teams within the 36-hour action window.
    • For example, a day / night double header is scheduled. The earlier starting game is rained out, and only the night game is played. Bets on Game 1 will apply to the game that gets played, and bets on Game 2 will be refunded.
  1. For all fights, when the bell (buzzer, etc.) Is sounded signaling the start of the fight the bout is considered “official” for wagering purposes regardless of the scheduled length.
  2. When the bell sounds, signifying the end of a round, it is considered a full round for wagering purposes. If the bout is officially stopped prior to the bell, it is not considered a full round.
  3. When wagering on boxing “ko” propositions include knockout, technical knockout, disqualification or any other stoppage.
  4. In the event a fight is deemed “no contest”, all wagers including round propositions will be considered “no action” and all wagers will be refunded.
    1. Wagers are for 90 minutes of play, including stoppage/injury time but do not include extra time, sudden death, or penalty shootouts unless noted otherwise.
    2. For 3-way wagering each team and the draw are separate wagering interests. If the match ends in a draw, draw wagers win and both team wagers lose.
  1. Individual tennis player wagers to win a tournament are “action” regardless if the player starts the tournament unless noted otherwise.
  2. Both tennis players in a match-up must start the match and complete at least one full set for “action”.
  1. Individual driver wagers to win a race are “action” regardless of qualifying results, mechanical failure or injury unless noted otherwise.
  2. Both drivers in a match-up must start the race for “action”. The winner of a match-up is determined by the official finish order.
  3. If a driver in a match-up is substituted during the race, then the match-up is “no action”.
  1. Individual golfer wagers to win a tournament are “action” regardless if the player starts the tournament unless noted otherwise.
  2. Both golfers in a match-up must tee off to start the tournament or round for “action.”
  3. Golfer with the lower score wins match-up with equal rounds played.
  4. If one golfer in a match-up continues play after the opponent has missed the cut, withdrawn, or has been disqualified, the golfer who continues play wins the match-up.
  5. If both golfers in a match-up are in a playoff, the winner of the playoff wins the match-up.

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